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Digital Music
Program for Schools

Fired Up provides a foundation of music and guitar instruction in a fully digital format available on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Guitar Courses

Guitar Instructor Not Required

Support for music teachers with no guitar training

All Assignments Included

Downloadable Charts, Audio Backing Tracks, In-Platform Assignments

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Flexible Learning

Fired Up supports your music program as a free-standing learning program. Designed to correspond to the academic calendar, Fired Up can be seamlessly integrated into a classroom environment.

Not all music programs have an guitar expert on staff. Fired Up was designed with this in mind. Our program supports your music department by allowing you to offer guitar instruction even when your instructor is not trained in the instrument.

Guitar Fundamentals

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  • Middle and High School Curriculum
  • 1-Year Academic Program
  • 36 Weeks
Guitar Fundamentals

Fired Up Guitar Fundamentals 1-year Middle School or High School Program gives a foundational education in the specifics of guitar playing skills, and covers core music principals.

The course covers all seven major scale modes, and the seven diatonic triads, seventh chords and extensions built from those scale tones. By the end of the course students will be proficient in playing chord progressions and melodic passages in multiple keys, and have a full understanding of music theory, notation, and rhythmic figures.

Each week the students will engage in an ensemble performance of each aspect of the core curriculum, and the additional creative materials to inspire songwriting and collaborative musical skillsets.

Course Details

  • High School Level, Grades 9-12
  • Distance or In-Person Learning
  • 36 Weeks of Instruction
  • Built-in Pacing Guide
  • Fully Digital Curriculum with Video Instruction
  • Downloadable Charts and Custom Music Built Into the Platform
  • Audio backing tracks
  • In-platform assignments
  • Students access to instruction 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Responsive platform accessible on desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphone

Students Will Learn:

  • Guitar essentials like posture, how to hold the guitar, and simple fingerings
  • Rhythm, timing and musical structures
  • How to recognize and interpret chord shapes and symbols
  • How to play scales, arpeggios and melodies
  • All seven major scale modes and resulting tonalities
  • Hundreds of usable chord shapes
  • The skills to play songs and write original music
  • How to be a team player, band mate, and consummate musician
  • The language of music

Course Benefits

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The core-curriculum provides students with a complete education in music. We further inspire students to explore the millions of musical possibilities to write their own jams, progressions, melodies and songs.

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Our ensemble jam sessions allow multiple students to play together as part of an ensemble. This builds communication skills in an engaging way.

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Neural impulses send the shape recognition to the left and right hand for rhythm and pitch co-ordination = Music.

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Shape & Auditory
Recognition Skills

We train the ear to associate shapes with sounds, along with the moods that those shapes evoke, which accelerates the recognition of chords.

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World-Class Music

Courseware designed by one of the world’s leading guitar educators.

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Student / Teacher
Jam Sessions

Jam with your instructor on every lesson and topic within the course! At the end of every lesson Robbie invites the student to apply the course material. Students can jam with Robbie, their classmates, or choose to “go solo” using the jam tracks we’ve provided for independent study at home.