Our Teaching Approach

Approachable, thoughtful music education.

A gift holds guitar while watching the Fired Up Guitar course

To inspire, educate and elevate our young creatives through the joy of music. Fired Up… All of the academic benefits of a music education, re-imagined for the guitar, and delivered via cutting-edge technology to the digitally minded student.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning Format

Web & Mobile Delivery System
At Fired Up we understand that students spend a lot of time on their personal devices, even at school. The Fired Up is a fully-responsive platform which work on desktops, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

24/7 Learning
The Fired Up platform allows for learning anytime. Students can rewatch lessons again and again. This format improves retention and speeds up learning.

Video Gaming Appeal
We’ve created a visually appealing platform that the students resonate with immediately … we’ve made the site look and feel like a video game.

Video Content
Every topic is delivered via UHD video, clearly explained and demonstrated for a real-time learning experience.

Reward Based Learning

Reward-Based Learning
We’ve referred to each weekly lesson plan as a Level. We want the students to be inspired to reach the next level, and ultimately graduate the program at level 36.

Progress Trophies
We want the students to login and practice at home … A trophy award will be automatically added to their player profile panel after each login session.

The Fired Up Guitar Contest
At Fired Up, we plan on implementing an annual guitar contest. We’ll be offering a scholarship guitar to one lucky student per school.

We’ll be announcing this creative contest at the beginning of the program to add an extra incentive towards the learning process. The contest will launch at the beginning of Q4.

Robbie will be reviewing the entries for the contest, and the award will go to the student who shows the most creative application of the core curriculum.

Teaching Methodology

Logical Progression
The Fired Up curriculum delivers the building blocks to the core principles of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic comprehension of music … all while actually playing the guitar.

Learning How To Learn
Robbie has an innate ability to teach the student how to learn and discover the creativity that lies within each of them. At Fired Up we Inspire the curious mind to go on a journey of musical discovery and self-expression.

Level Assignments
Each week the students are given an assignment to keep them on track with the curriculum. We also advocate for the creative use of the materials, and inspire the students to create their own music from the material.

Speed Learning Techniques
Robbie advocates speed learning techniques such as visualization, verbalization and making a resonant connection with your instrument through singing the guitar parts.

Robbie has also developed a technique called “morphing”… the smooth transition between shapes that anyone can apply after one simple lesson.

Shapes Within Shapes
Chords are built from scales, arpeggios are built from chords, and double-stops are chord fragments. Each of these shapes reside within a larger shape. Once you recognize those puzzle pieces and the infrastructure within them, the world of guitar becomes architectural design and musical geometry.

Lesson Jam Sessions
Imagine being able to jam with your guitar instructor anytime, anywhere! With Fired Up the students can. Each lesson topic is followed by a jam session where the students play along with Robbie and the groove using their new chord, arpeggio, progression or melody.

Ensemble Jams
Robbie reminds educators to assign parts of the weekly curriculum to sections of the classroom. This teaches the students how to listen, and interact musically with their fellow musicians. Rotating parts so that each section plays each element of the arrangement is the key to a fun, successful jam session.

Diagram Orientation
We’ve re-oriented chord diagrams to logically view horizontally, matching the traditional notation stave lines and contemporary tablature strings.

Color Coded Diagrams
We’ve numbered and color coded the four fingers on the fretting hand, making instant shape recognition a breeze for the developing student.


Equal Opportunities & Special Education
Educators and School Principals are excited that the Fired Up approach, philosophies, and new implementations also allow students with learning disabilities an equal opportunity to enjoy playing the guitar and music.

Repetitive Learning
Repetition is the key for some students. With the Fired Up platform, students can rewatch any lesson at any time. This supports students with varying learning needs in being able to internalize lessons.

ADA Compliance
The Fired Up platform is fully ADA compliant for people with disabilities.

What our Students Say

Robbie is everything you could wish for in an instructor. He really knows how to break things down and explain the concepts, making it easier for you to digest and extract the key takeaways. Robbie has some killer phrasing chops, and I couldn't recommend his phrasing courses enough. For those of you that ever feel like you're "in a rut", his courses. He will help you out immensely!


You just can't go wrong with any of the courses by Robbie Calvo. His courses are laid out in an easy to follow, logical way, and are packed with things you can use right away …things that will get you excited and make you want to practice. Real world knowledge passed on with generosity and style. Robbie has a uniquely positive vibe, very open, clear and warm. It is always a pleasure to tune into one of his courses.

Jesse B.

Robbie has a laid-back, positive approach to instruction. The way he teaches the material in his courses makes me feel like, “Yeah, I can do this!” Even though the actual application of techniques and theory may not be quite that simple. Robbie’s lessons, and musicality are awe inspiring.

Jim M.

Robbie, Your soothing teaching style has been a great help to me over the years, and I just wanted, in my long winded way, to say “Thank You” for what you have done for me. I hope to meet and shake your hand someday.

Jim C.

Robbie Calvo is my favorite teacher. Not only do I love his playing and musical ideas, but I really appreciate the way Robbie breaks down each lesson, step-by-step, talks about notes and numbers as well as frets and strings. He doesn't talk down to us, and his lessons are easy to follow and so inspiring. An exceptional musician and instructor.

Paul P.

As a life-long student of music, I’ve found that the teacher often makes the biggest difference in helping me achieve my next goal. While most teachers may play well, only some of them can also communicate what, and how they do what they do.Robbie Calvo is one of those special teachers. His courses have made an incredible difference in the way I play. Robbie possesses the perfect blend of technical skill, musicality and the ability to teach.

Perry V.

Robbie’s lessons are clear, interesting, and very thorough. He presents a nice blend of theory and technique into some really cool sounding exercises, licks, and progressions. I love that he also approaches guitar playing so musically. Always a lot of food for thought, and just seems like a super nice guy you’d want to hang out with.


Mind Blowing! Robbie Calvo is a great teacher, PERIOD!


NOBODY could ever make that stuff sink into my mind, but Robbie's course is doing it! His teaching style flows like a great song that makes you want to learn. All I know is this course has been life changing for me and I will be purchasing Robbie's other materials in the future. Thank you Robbie for sharing your amazing gift!

Tim H.